This blog has been started as both for self documentation and to give back to the community that’s helped me massively over the years.

I’m a Technical Consultant and have been working at Xtravirt, a VMware partner in the UK, since February 2019. My background is as a generalist infrastructure guy, I’ve worked with vSphere, Horizon View, various storage/networking/x86 platforms, Windows/Linux and many more. At the turn of the 2019, knowing I was moving on to Xtravirt, I started to bring my focus to VMware vRealize Automation. I achieved the VCP-CMA at the end of February that year.

Once that was done, I started getting a high level overview of other technologies just to further develop my understanding. This included NSX-V/T, PKS and Kubernetes. I also started this blog about the same time. I did go on to attempt to achieve a VCAP, after the recent studying for vRA it made sense to continue down that path. I’ve never done a VCAP, it’s been on the list for years but I’ve never got round to it! Before I’d got that far a was asked to start looking at Kubernetes, which I jumped at as it’s a hugely exciting area of technology at the moment.

In July 2019 I was awarded vExpert 2019 in recognition of the study guides published on this blog. My vExpert was renewed for 2020, which was nice.

In January 2020 I achieved both the Certified Kubernetes Administrator & VMware Cloud Native Master Specialist.

Onwards and upwards!