VCP7-CMA – Objective 6.2

Disclaimer: These are my notes from taking the 2V0-731 exam. If something doesn’t make sense, please feel free to reach out.

The goal of this objective is be comfortable with subscription events.

Objective 6.2 – Create and Manage Event Broker Subscriptions

  • Determine appropriate subscription option based on design (blockable, replyable, schema)
  • Configure subscription conditions based on the design (data, core event message values)
  • Configure subscription workflow including input and output parameters based on the design
  • Configure subscription details based on the design (priority, timeout, blocking)


All subscriptions are configured per tenant, nothing global.

Different types of subscriptions are:

  • Non blocking:
    • Applied asynchronously
    • Can not rely on the run order
    • Values returned don’t impact the values in the request
  • Blocking:
    • Will prevent other subscriptions being triggered until complete
    • When have multiple, can prioritise with 0 being the highest
    • Values returned can impact the values or the status of a request
  • Replyable
    • Will accept a reply event that provides workflow output
    • Approval subscriptions are replyable

Events can be two states:

  • Pre-State Phase
    • For blocking events it’s possible that the returns values can impact status & values of the request, so the request will not continue until these are returned
  • Post-State Phase
    • Non-blocking workflows will not impact status
    • Blocking events will not fail request but this can be configured through custom properties

Add the subscriptions at Administration, Events, Subscriptions to Add

Add based on the event type:


Once the event type is selected, choose the conditions that the event will trigger:


In this instance we’ve selected machine provisioning and will choose data, Lifecycle State, Lifecycle State Name – Equals – VMPSMasterWorkflow32.MachineProvisioned. This would suit an event being fired to update a CMDB for example.

Next is to select the vRO workflow to fire:


These would need building based on the event subscription (e.g. into Service Now)

Finally update the details, including configuring whether it is a blocking event or not.


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