VCP7-CMA – Objective 4.5

Disclaimer: These are my notes from taking the 2V0-731 exam. If something doesn’t make sense, please feel free to reach out.

The goal of this objective is be able to view the provisioned resources in terms of compute/storage. Short post for this one!

Objective 4.5 – Manage Provisioned Resources

  • Identify and locate owned items by assigned role
  • Define resource quotas for managed resources based on design requirements
  • Add resource portliest to the vRealize Automation homepage


Permissions required for various scenarios, screenshot taken directly from the Managing vRealize Automation document.


The simplest way to remember this is that if you want to monitor resources outside of your area (tenant or business group), you need to be a fabric administrator.

To define the quotas, modify the reservation allocated to each business group.

On home tab, click the edit button on the top right corner. From here you can add a number of pre-defined portlets. The information received depends on what your permissions are.

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