VCP7-CMA – Objective 4.4

Disclaimer: These are my notes from taking the 2V0-731 exam. If something doesn’t make sense, please feel free to reach out.

The goal of this objective is to understand approval policies.

Objective 4.4 – Locate and Reclaim Resources Based on Provided Criteria

  • Locate resources for reclamation based on provided criteria
  • Initiate a system reclamation
  • Eliminate known used systems


Using Administration, Reclamation you can search for VMs to reclaim. Using the advanced search function, you can search based on resource utilisation, owner, business group etc. The resources side of the equation is massively improved with the addition of vROps (Can be configured by changing the metrics provider).


Once you’ve selected the deployment to reclaim, hit the start reclaim button.

This brings up a form to complete. The reason field is visible to the owner of the VM when the request is sent through. Force lease is the time period will allow the owner to ‘think about it’ until the new lease length takes effect (unless the current lease time is shorter).

Once sent, the owner gets 3 options:

  • Release – Goes into archive immediately, if archive policy is specified on the blueprint)
  • Still in use – Carries on as normal, marks the deployment as known good
  • Cancel – Do nothing, i.e. don’t make a decision. If the user choose this, they run the risk of the deployment going into the forced lease time.

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