VCP7-CMA – Objective 2.4

Disclaimer: These are my notes from taking the 2V0-731 exam. If something doesn’t make sense, please feel free to reach out.

The goal of this objective is to understand how to manage the Users and Groups within vRealize Automation.

Objective 2.4 – Manage User and Group Role Assignments

  • Explain the roles available to vRealize Automation & vRealize Business
  • Assign roles to individual users for a given design
  • Assign roles to directory groups for a given design
  • Create vRealize Automation custom groups and assign roles


Table shows the a summary permissions, and the tabs available to each role. Have a look at the link in the references for a full list of permissions for each role.


Role Name Permissions Tabs Available
System Administrator (System Wide)
  • Create & Configure tenants
  • Assign IaaS & Tenant Administrator roles
System Administrator
Tenant Administrator
  • Manage tenant configuration
  • Manage users & groups
  • Create & manage Catalogue
Tenant Administrator
IaaS Administrator (System Wide)
  • Create & Manage fabric groups
  • Create & Manage endpoints
IaaS Administrator
Fabric Administrator
  • Create & Manage Compute Resources
  • Create & Manage Machine Prefixes
  • Create & Manage Reservations
  • Manage Property Dictionary
Fabric Admin
Application Architect
  • Assemble & Manage Composite Blueprints
App Architect
Infrastructure Architect
  • Create & Manage Infrastructure Blueprints
  • Assemble & Manage Composite Blueprints
Infra Architect.png
XaaS Architect
  • Create & Manage XaaS Blueprints
  • Create Custom Resources
XaaS Architect
Software Architect
  • Create & Manage Software Blueprint Components
  • Assemble & Manage Composite Blueprints
Software Architect
Catalogue Administrator
  • Create & Manage Catalogue Services
Catalogue Admin.png
Approval Administrator
  • Create & Manage Approval Policies
Approval Admin
  • What it says on the tin…

By creating a custom group, multiple roles can be aggregated into one. Makes it easier to assign multiple roles to individuals/groups. Also gives better visibility if someone has more than one role.

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